Kamalrukh Khan | We are all connected to each other
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We are all connected to each other

We are all connected to each other

This article was first published in the Hindustan Times on Jun 27, 2015.  All rights reserved with Hindustan Times.


The power of verbal communication and its effects on individuals is well known. However, mere words in the human language are not adequate enough to express the energetic and cosmic processes simultaneously going on in our universe. It is important to know, and be known, in a language far beyond ordinary words, to discover the hidden depth and wholeness at the heart of things.

When we are born, we are in complete sync with the universe and its language of energies. As we grow, we are prepared and trained to understand only words and all its complexities, and are made to forget the magic of energies that we were born with, that go beyond languages, to that wordless space within us. I say magic, because words may say one thing, but energies tell a whole story.

Thought energies can be transmitted instantaneously, like a radio station to a receiver. I truly understood the profundity of energetic communication after the birth of my first child. I was nervous about how I would understand her needs- it was a first for me. I was mortified of doing something wrong. But the minute I held her for the first time, there was this strong wordless connect – I just knew.

As Peter Drucker said, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” A person’s energy can tell you much more about them, and can shout out the truth far louder than words. Sometimes when you have a strong connect with people in your immediate circle, you can immediately ‘feel’ when they need you or are in trouble or are thinking of you. Even among strangers, very often we can ‘feel’ that something isn’t right in their interactions – we feel uneasy as we are able to pick up the ‘vibes’ that the person has sent out. Always always trust the vibes you get. Energies don’t lie. This is precisely how we create our experiences in the physical world, which is nothing more than a manifestation of what is done on an energy level.

Everything comes from within. We are all connected to each other energetically. So whenever you think of someone, you instantly activate the energy cords that connect you both, forming a connection. This connection enables you to plant thoughts, share ideas, send love, express emotion, and spread positive (or negative) energy and much more, wordlessly. We constantly share ourselves with all the people that we encounter. If we come from a place of peace and harmony then that is what we share with the world. If we judge others or are angry, we are sending out negative energies into the world. We will in turn, attract people who judge us and we will find more angry people in our midst. All of us are collectively responsible for the energy of the world today. Since energy is contagious – be it positive or negative – one has to be forever mindful of whom we allow in our space and also be responsible for the kind of energy we bring to any space. Each time we put something positive into the universe, the world changes. Our kindness invites good things not just in our own world, but the whole world…and vice versa.

So, in short, you simply cannot have an attitude and keep it a secret! You cannot secretly dislike a person and expect to succeed with that person. You can forgive someone or ask for forgiveness in your mind, and that person will catch it. People pick up the signature of the energies radiating from within you, which convey the emotional text of the message.

Eventually it’s all in the connection – the vibe – and one simple, infinitesimal positive shift in attitude will yield an entirely different positive result.

Note: Kamalrukh Khan is a Mumbai-based Clinical Hypnotherapist and Wellness Coach. She’s intuitive, strong and positive and loves travelling. She believes travelling to a new country is the best education she can give her kids. Painting and flying a plane or chopper top her bucket-list.

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