Kamalrukh Khan | Facts
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  • We all experience hypnosis at LEAST twice a day.


  • Hypnosis is NOT sleep, but a natural state of mind.


  • The earliest examples of hypnosis are found in tribal ceremonies of early humans.


  • One of the earliest recorded descriptions of hypnosis was found in an Egyptian tomb written on papyrus dating back to 1500 BC.


  • Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used hypnosis for medical and religious purposes.


  • In 1892 the British Medical Association (BMA) formally recognized that hypnosis had applications in modern medicine.


  • Sigmund Freud used hypnosis with his patients while developing his theories on psychoanalysis.


  • Hypnosis was used in World War I and World War II to treat soldiers with combat neuroses. It was also used to replace anesthetics when supplies were low.


  • In 1958, the American Medical Association approved a report on the medical uses of hypnosis.


  • In 1847, the Roman Catholic Church recognized hypnosis as a natural part of our own ability, and NOT the work of the devil!