Kamalrukh Khan | Testimonials
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“Kamalrukh Khan gives you the space where the therapy is facilitated in a most natural way. She is very understanding and I felt very comfortable discussing my issues with her. I felt empowered at the end of the session. The session was in depth having a long lasting effect. Her candles created an environment where breathing in the air felt healing and light. As if there is an automatic cleansing happening in my system and around me.”
–  Dr Hemal Vajani,
 Homoeopath, Behavioural and Regression Therapist 


“Kamalrukh’s articles are excellent pieces of spiritual wisdom.  They are short, to-the-point, deep, meaningful and very insightful.  She has the unerring ability to encapsulate just what is needed to be said, and to put it across to the reader in a wonderfully provocative manner. Kamalrukh’s candles are a work of spiritual art: beautiful, aromatic and so energetically potent.  I strongly recommend you to try one and experience it for yourself!
Sohrab Ardeshir,


“I had come to Kamal for my dealing with my intolerance of alcohol, in any form. Whenever I am exposed to the smell or taste of alcohol, it causes a feeling of nausea and/or dehydration. This was irritating me, as abstinence from alcohol was not a choice but a compulsion. I needed control on this….that’s when I met Kamal – warm, friendly, with a calm demeanour, yet energetic. “I’m a great therapist!” – her first words. I instantly believed her….In my first session with Kamal, it was a pleasant experience to know that Kamal did not use the verbatim versions of statements that I have often heard other therapists use. She can cater to the psyche of the client. She is a natural and creative. That’s something I instantly appreciated about her. Initially I was a tough nut to crack! My physical inclination towards being hypnotised is very low. However, kamal did some realistic expectation settings, and in her own unique way, managed to put me in a deep hypnotic trance – my 1st ! Its been great going through therapy and viewing past-lives, coming face-to-face with myself eons ago! The dedicated attention meted out to me during all my sessions was unique. Kamal‘s focus and healing intent are unmatched. She strikes a very good balance around being a friend and a therapist. I somewhere feel that this is what she was meant to be! It’s very easy to open up to a person like her, especially for someone like me, who with no inclination towards sharing personal thoughts and feelings….Post each session, Kamal enlightened me with some of her own thoughts and measures pertaining to spirituality. She puts forth her thoughts with such surprising ease that it all seems so simple and do-able…..She mentioned that everything in life was destined and programmed by our own higher self. I am glad that kamal was a part of my life’s program. Thank you Kamal -You have truly embodied a friend, philosopher and guide”
Avdut Sawardekar


“Since I have resolved the long pending issues of my life, the change in my attitude and the transformation in my dealing with situations is amazing in my own eyes. Another aspect of Kamalrukh Khan is that she is not a healer of my inner wounds, she also taught me superb techniques like EET and forgiveness exercises which are helping me cope with everyday stress….I can’t thank Kamalrukh Khan enough for putting me on this path of self-awareness and self-help.”
Pearl Unwala


“I had constant swelling on my feet for no reason….I had lost hope visiting various doctors. Then someone told me about Hypnotherapy and then everything changed for me. I met Kamalrukh who helped me heal. Kamalrukh is a gentle soul that I am so blessed to have had crossed my path. My life has done a complete turnaround. I am seeing just about everything differently, more positively. Prior to therapy with Kamalrukh I saw little or no possibilities and now have an attitude of gratitude everyday. My decision to invest in myself via this therapy has been the best move I have made to date. She is a very good therapist and a very good person at heart.she took me through the therapy and now I am completely fine. I have got my issue resolved.”
Reshma A.S., Designer


“Having done all the levels of integrated clinical hypnotherapy, I understood the potential it had in working on the pre-teen age group. And so I requested my colleague Kamalrukh to work on my 11 yr old daughter. Kamalrukh has done an excellent job in understanding, diagnosing and resolving her issues. Kamalrukh’s persona and her ease of working and getting along with kids along with her in-depth knowledge of various hypnotic tools, makes her therapy a definite success. I can appreciate a change in behaviour and attitude in my daughter, who is more calm and composed…!!!!”
–  Dr. Sumit Goel M.D. (Homeopathy)


“Dear Kamalrukh, I would like to start off by thanking you for working with me on helping me resolve my issues through the use of hypnosis. I would like to categorically state that I am very happy and grateful to you for your intuitiveness, persistence and patience in sticking with the issue at hand until resolution; I feel most others might not have probed so deep or used such different and varied paths to get to the core issue for resolution. I have recommended you to a lot of my friends and intend to continue to do so; in fact two of my buddies have already experienced great relief through your work. Many thanks for the service. I wish you all the best in your most wonderful endeavour.”
Sorrabb Puniwala,
Self Employed


” I have had three wonderful hypnotherapy experiences with Kamalrukh…..Each session was profound and allowed me to shed a lot of the burden I carried of guilt, anger, resentment, ambition and love….People most close to me now found me less aggressive and less assertive. I found myself more comfortable. I believe what I sought most was clarity and hypnosis, under the kind guidance of Kamalrukh allowed me to push away the cobwebs that clouded my mind. Thank you very much”
–  Reshma M.,
Self Employed


“Hey Kamal, I would like to thank you for your patience and being a mediator for the universe to tell me that I could learn painlessly. When you did my therapy, I never realised that it would open new realities for me, I am much more calmer and every time I face any problem, it strikes me that now I learn painlessly. Moreover, you also helped me sort out one of my most crucial past lives, that just helped me become more sorted and level headed. So Kamal, thanks a million and may God bless you. Hugs.”
Danica Fernandes,
Airline Crew


“I had visited Kamalrukh Khan for the purpose of healing …. As I was going through a personal crisis. I personally feel very alive and active ever since that day and it has brought about a lot of change in my attitude. I thank Kamalrukh for her efforts and time.”
– Capt. Amit Bhandari