Kamalrukh Khan | Candle Aromatherapy
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Candle Aromatherapy

Scents and aromas work as an alternative approach for helping the mind, body, and spirit. Through the use of essential oils and fragrances, senses are stimulated to produce the required positive results. Science and research has shown that many moods and negative emotions can be lifted due to the fragrances or scents that are introduced into the environment.

The use of scents and aromas goes back to about 5000 years, to the ancient egyptians who used essential oils in baths, massages, and the embalming process. Today studies show that certain scents can trigger reactions within the body which relieve stress, enhance mental clarity and concentration, help us gain energy, create sensual mood and setting, help you fall asleep at night, and even help you with pain management. One can choose scented candles that will have the desired or intended effect, keeping in mind that the benefits are received subtly through continued use.

An aromatic candle may be used for relaxation, meditation or even while reading or writing a poem, to increase concentration. Candles bring back happy memories and create the apt mood required.

Many corporates use scents to improve productivity, reduce stress and to perk up the employees, thus enhancing the performance of the employees. It is an efficient and cost effective way to increase productivity, quality of work, as well as a sense of well being, creating a pleasing atmosphere.


Here are some basic scents and their properties:


download (1) Lavender– soothing and relaxing; said to help relieve stress, depression, anxiety, and nervous disorders; used to treat headaches and insomnia; nice in bedroom and bath.

citrus fruits
Citrus scents– (grapefruit, lemon, orange, etc…) invigorating and brightens the mood of a room; uplifting and clean; eliminates anxiety and stress; helps in concentration.

vanillaVanilla– sweet scent known to be a natural aphrodisiac; naturally warming and soothing; relaxing and comforting; thoughts of favorite foods and happy memories of home and childhood.

downloadCinnamon– Helps with exhaustion and fatigue; wonderful effects on nerves; calms you down and makes you more aware.

white-phaleanopsis-orchid-trailing-wedding-bouquet-gold-coast-florists-botanique-flowersJasmine and Mogra – deeply relaxing and uplifting; sensual scent.

51saCdOVS+LRose– Ability to relax a person and may help a woman balance out her hormones; calming benefit.

SandalwoodSandalwood– relaxing and calming ability; helps soothe irritation and lifts depression; associated with meditations.

green-apple-500x500Green Apple – Induces positive mood and reduces pain perception.

download (4)
Clove – relieves stress; acts as an aphrodisiac; improves concentration and memory and is a neural way to cure stress related insomnia.

7357Eucalyptus – fights mental fatigue ; decongestant; kills germs.

Tuberose – Useful for overcoming intimacy blocks, stress and negative attitudes; reduces insomnia; increases intuition, creativity, sensuality, peace of mind.

lemongrass_300Lemongrass – quells stress and anxiety;  prevents drowsiness and headaches; deodorant.
Citronella – anti-depressant ; induces a fresh and happy feeling; insect- repellant ; clears the mind.

Chocolate – Acts as a natural aphrodisiac.